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FLYMUN is back with its 3rd edition. With over 90 participating delegates spread across 4 committees, a grander stage has been set up for debates and deliberations.


United Nations Security Council

Cuban Missile-Crisis

Food and Agriculture Organization

Combating World Hunger with Special Emphasis on Africa

United Nations General Assembly

Countermeasures to Combat Global Cyber Warfare

United Nations Human Rights Council

Preventing & Countering Violent Extremism & Radicalism Globally


Ms. Surjeet Khanna


Ms. Sanjana Mahajan

Headmistress (Middle Wing)

Ms. Ritu Jain

Headmistress (Primary Wing)

Ms. Mamta Gupta

Senior Academic Coordinator

Ms. Neha Pande

MUN Coordinator

Future lies in You! Nothing could be more true than this when we speak of the GenNext. Tomorrow's world is going to be shaped by today's vision. And FLYMUN is a platform which gives wings to the vision of our young leaders so that they may soar high in the future which belongs to them.

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Ms. Mitu Majumdar

MUN Coordinator

In the unmatched words of our Ex President late APJ Abdul Kalam- “An ignited mind is the most powerful resource on the Earth, above the Earth and under the Earth.” So we wish to take the youth to where the light is………….

Today, we live in a world that is rife with conflict and strife amongst nations. Wars – whether overt or covert – divert the already scarce resources away from any nation’s developmental goals into unproductive, wasteful channels with no fruitful outcome. The need of the hour is to bring about the youth to a common forum, where the conflicts can be resolved through engagement, dialogue and mutual understanding.

The youth is rising and building a new future – they see the truth of Mahatma Gandhi’s words – “We must become the change we want to see in the world” – even as they obey their heart, follow their dreams and beat their own trail. Their path of hope, courage, honesty and hard work will create a world whose ‘golden age’ is not beyond but ahead of us.

In keeping alive the above maxims, we present to you FLYMUN 2019, a platform for the students, of the students, by the students.

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Samarth Kaul

President (UNSC)

"FLYMUN" was created with the intention of creating future leaders from young promising talents. The spirit of this thought is so significant that when we were brainstorming in order to come up with a name for our conference we chose to use " Future lies in you " as the name. This of course was abbreviated to FLY. Our dream had humble beginnings yet another principle right at the heart of FLY was improving and making every conference bigger, better and bolder than the previous one. We had our first true intra school conference which was obviously the first edition of FLY in 2017 with over twenty delegates and one committee. The second edition witnessed two committees with over sixty delegates. The latest version of FLY is set to have four committees and over ninety delegates participating. The latest conference also boasts all the facilities and services that an inter-school conference has and so it can easily be said that FLYMUN 19 is going to be a fantastic MUNing experience for all those involved. With highly experienced individuals heading the IT department, International Press and the committees, excellent and exceptional quality is guaranteed. I wish all the delegates the very best and hope they prepare well. Let's soar higher than ever before with FLYMUN 19!

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Ananya Bhardwaj

Chairperson (FAO)

It is with great honor that I address you all.

I have the immense privilege of organizing our Model United Nations Conference, FLYMUN. At Delhi Public School Greater Faridabad, we believe that the ability to discuss and attempt to solve the issues plaguing the world stage is a chance everyone must take advantage of, especially young people.

Here at FLYMUN, we believe that you are up for the test. We believe that you have the determination, the intellect, and the collaborative skills it takes to analyze what humanity has done wrong in the past, and how we can prevent such mistakes from trapping us in an endless cycle. As you prepare for FLYMUN, I encourage you to open your minds to different possibilities and solutions, even to the ones you initially might not have supported. Integral to what we do as MUN delegates are the values of cooperation among thinkers, and tolerance of ideas. Represent the player you’ve been assigned with accuracy and grace, but always remember to listen. Most importantly, believe in your committee’s ability to solve the problem at hand, and believe in the significance of your work.

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Shaarang Majumdar

Chairperson (UNHRC)

In the beginning there was one word; and that word was MUN

One moment of courage can change your day
One day can change your life
And one life can change the world.

I well remember the first step in the world of Model United Nations. It was much like Hogwarts for me; the only difference was that it was a world within a world. Doors that had been closed opened with a single step. I was suddenly speaking, speaking up, speaking up for what mattered, speaking up for the voiceless.

Today, my moniker is Shaarang, the Voice of Christ!

And it all began with one decision that made me what I am today.

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Ishita Bhatia

Chairperson (UNGA)

Mehak Madan

Vice-Chairperson (UNGA)


Pakhi Pande

Head of International Press

The International Press is the heartthrob of an MUN conference, and I feel empowered to be someone making it race a little bit faster with my team of reporters, cartoonists and photographers at FLYMUN’19. I look forward to seeing this endeavour grow, and magnificently so, such that its name becomes synonymous with grace and cohesiveness, diplomacy and beauty, something which it is already gradually transforming into. And when it takes full form, it will arrest but never surprise, for this was bound to happen.

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Harsh Agrawal

Head of Information Technology

Khushi Dhall

Reporter (UNSC)

Kusumieta Magoo

Reporter (UNSC)

Parnika Pande

Reporter (FAO)

Aadya Mishra

Reporter (FAO)

Jayati Kapur

Reporter (UNGA)

Aanchal Sharma

Reporter (UNGA)

Niharika Narang

Reporter (UNHRC)

Hazel Chawla

Reporter (UNHRC)

Prachee Bagri

Cartoonist (UNHRC)

Tuvya Khatter

Cartoonist (UNSC)

Akshat Arora


Mansi Sarang


Yash Naini





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